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PNHPWW September 27th Monthly Meeting, UW Kane Hall, time TBD

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Since 1987, Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals, and others, about the benefits of a single-payer system - including fewer administrative costs and providing comprehensive health insurance for all residents of the United States.

Latest News

August - no PNHPWW Monthly Meeting

September 21st PNHPWW Monthly Meeting

Kane Hall, UW Campus (time TBD) - Instead of a regular September meeting, we urge everyone to attend and be part of the panel and discussion after the film.
Film producer Richard Master, Rep. Jim McDermott and David McLanahan will be panel members.

Expanding Social Security and Medicare in the 2017 Congress
Ted Marmor, Pramila Jayapal and Grady Pinero Walkinshaw

We are proud to co-sponsor a very timely event on Saturday, September 24th, 2:30 - 4:00pm at the Labor Temple - "Expanding Social Security and Medicare in the 2017 Congress." Ted Marmor, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Political Science, Yale University, is an acknowledged expert on social insurance policy and politics. He was a member of President Carter's Commission on the National Agenda for the 1980s, and has testified before Congress about medical care reform, Social Security, and welfare issues, as well as being a consultant to the states of Kentucky, Delaware, Texas, Illinois, and Vermont, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Congressional Committee on Ways and Means, the Urban Institute, the President's Commission on Income Maintenance, the National Institute for Mental Health, the Office of Equal Opportunity, The Ford Foundation, and the Attorney-General, Canada.

Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw, both strong single-payer advocates and candidates to succeed Jim McDermott in the 7th Congressional District, will also speak and participate in a panel discussion on what can be done to protect and expand Medicare and Social Security in the coming Congress.

PNHPWW July 27th Monthly Meeting

The Ethical Tension between Health Care as a Commodity
and Health Care as a Human Right

Aaron Katz, MPH

Principal Lecturer of Health Services, Global Health, and Law
University of Washington School of Public Health

We were very fortunate to have Aaron Katz, MPH, as our speaker and discussion leader. Aaron is an educator who has daily contact with the students who will help shape the future of medicine and medical practice in the US. He teaches several graduate level courses in health policy and is faculty coordinator of the Health Systems and Policy Concentration of the Health Services Master of Public Health (MPH) program and founding director of the Leadership, Policy, and Management track of the Global Health MPH program. Aaron has won many teaching awards including the Outstanding Teaching Award from the UW School of Public Health in 2004.

This was a very wide-ranging discussion dealing with what health sciences students being are taught, if anything, about the conflict between health care being treated as a commodity in the medical marketplace and the “old time” values centering on the personal relationship between the healer and the patient. Lots of discussion of the current political situation & how we can get to the point where health care as a human right is made real. A summary would be difficult – therefore, we have made an audio file of the discussion available online here.

Thanks Aaron!

Aaron suggested we read two articles in preparation for the discussion. The first one is extremely valuable and should be in a readily available location for all those interested in the continuous tension between treating health care as a marketplace commodity or as a human right. Particularly interesting is the argument about the obligation of current students to give back to society as society has done so much to support their education.

1. Journal of Med and Philosophy - The Commodification of Medical and Health Care: The Moral Consequences of a Paradigm Shift from a Professional to a Market Ethic
Croation Med Journal - From Service to Commodity: Corporization, Competition, Commodification,
and Customer Culture Transforms Health Care

August - no PNHPWW Monthly Meeting
September 21st PNHPWW Monthly Meeting, Kane Hall, UW Campus (time TBD) - Instead of a regular September meeting, we urge everyone to attend and be part of the discussion at the “Fix-It” showing at UW Kane Hall on Sept 21st described in the PNHPWW July 27th Meeting - Monthly Report - .docx - PDF

PNHPWW June 15th Monthly Meeting

The ColoradoCare/Yes Campaign

Ivan J. Miller, PH.D

Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D, Executive Director ColoradoCareYES discussed the Colorado Cooperative health reform initiative campaign to cover all Colorado residents in a cooperative, non-government-run plan. Colorado voters will vote on a state constitutional amendment, Amendment 69, in November that would implement the plan, if passed -

The discussion covered the Campaign as well as a wide range of questions of interest to single payer advocates in Western Washington. The presentation with discussion is on YouTube - - with an easily navigable timeline by topic.

PNHPWW June 15th Meeting - Monthly Report - doc - pdf

Seattle City Council Resolution to Support and Expand Social Security and Medicare

PNHPWW was part of a coalition of organizations, led by Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, that previously met with four Council members and later gave testimony at the June 13 Council meeting where the resolution was discussed and passed unanimously. The plan is to work with other municipalities across the state to pass similar resolutions. The “Resolveds:”

Resolved, that the Seattle City Council goes on record calling for the expansion of Social Security benefits to address the growing crisis of financial insecurity among present and future Social Security recipients, and be it further
Resolved, that the Seattle City Council goes on record calling for the elimination of the income cap on Social Security to pay for the expansion of Social Security benefits, and be it further
Resolved, that the Seattle City Council goes on record supporting the expansion of the Medicare program to make it possible for younger people to buy into the Medicare program, and be it further
Resolved, that the Seattle City Council goes on record supporting the expansion of vital Medicare benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing to be funded by raising the Medicare payroll tax from 1.45% to 2%, and be it finally
Resolved, that the Seattle City Council will communicate this resolution to the entire Washington Congressional Delegation and include support for expansion and protection of these two vital social insurance programs in the City of Seattle 2016-2017 Federal Legislative Agenda.

Click here to read the Full Resolution on Addressing the Retirement Security Crisis and its rationale.

Physicians Proposal Released

The updated Physicans Proposal was released May 5th via the American Journal of Public Health. Several PNHP leaders were involved in the writing. More than 2,200 physicians have endorsed it so far, including 111 in Washington State. You can download the PNHP press release here The full text is available here and PNHP has released a Summary and Fact Sheet.

Statement by Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H., on Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care, May 5, 2016

Long before Senator Sanders’ entered the presidential race, my colleagues and I – Dr. Gaffney, Dr. David Himmelstein, and Dr. Marcia Angell (the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine) – convened a blue ribbon panel of doctors to develop a plan that would fix the glaring problems that our patients continue to face despite the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Twenty-seven million Americans are still uninsured and that number is not expected to fall. Tens of millions with insurance face sky-high copayments and deductibles that would bankrupt them if they were seriously ill. And many more have narrow network plans that won’t cover care at top cancer hospitals or academic medical centers – even when they offer the best option for life saving care.

Meanwhile, profit-driven insurers and hospital chains increasingly dominate health care. And insurers’ growing demands for documentation wastes doctors and nurses time, and saps their morale. While these trends predated the ACA, the law fueled merger- mania, and added bureaucratic complexity and cost.

The alternative we developed (which has been endorsed by more than 2,200 physician colleagues) calls for radical change; a single-payer national health program.

Our plan would cover everyone for all medically necessary care, without copayments or deductibles. And it would guarantee Americans the right to choose any doctor or hospital.

Our nation can readily afford this if we replace today’s wasteful patchwork of insurance plans with a streamlined single-payer system. My colleagues and I have documented the enormous bureaucratic costs of the current system in research published in the most respected medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the JAMA, The American Journal of Public Health and Health Affairs.

Today, private insurers take 12.3 percent of total premiums for their overhead; only 88 cents of every premium dollar reaches a doctor, hospital or pharmacy. And insurers inflict massive paperwork on doctors and hospitals, forcing them to spend one- quarter of their total revenues on billing and administration.

In contrast, insurance overhead is only 1.8 percent in Canada’s single-payer system, about the same as overhead in Medicare. And Canadian hospitals have administrative costs less than half those of their U.S. counterparts. That’s because Canadian hospitals are paid annual global budgets, like fire departments, instead of billing separately for each Band-Aid and aspirin tablet. And billing is simple and inexpensive for Canadian physicians.

Overall, a single payer would save between $400 billion and $500 billion annually by trimming administrative spending to Canadian levels. Moreover, as in other nations, the single payer could use its purchasing power to lower drug prices, saving tens of billions more each year. These savings could fully cover the new costs of the coverage expansions we propose, a conclusion in keeping with past estimates by the Government Accountability Office, the Congressional Budget Office, and private consulting groups (including one owned by UnitedHealthcare).

We have the resources needed to provide excellent care for all Americans; an abundance of hospitals and sophisticated equipment; superbly trained doctors and nurses; prodigious research output; and generous health care funding. Yet only thoroughgoing reform can realize the healing potential that is currently thwarted by our dysfunctional health care financing system.

Dr. Woolhandler is an internist in the Bronx, a professor of public health at the City University of New York at Hunter College, and a lecturer in medicine at Harvard Medical School, where she previously served as a professor of medicine. She co-founded Physicians for a National Health Program, a nonpartisan organization that advocates single-payer reform.

PNHPWW April 20th Monthly Meeting
Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill Campus, 7:30pm, South East Conference Center, Room A

Cuba & US Relations: Family Medicine and Public Health

Carlos Dominguez, MPH, MHA
Holly Park Clinic Manager, International Community Health Services



With Cuba in the news recently, we'll took a look at Cuba's health care system and what relevance it may have for how we take care of our underserved populations. We were lucky to have Carlos Dominguez as our speaker and discussion leader.

Carlos has an extensive experience in the field of public health working with a wide range of diverse and underserved populations in multiple settings and functions in areas of health education and prevention, emergency medical services, occupational health and safety research and training, emergency preparedness program management, and primary care system delivery planning, management and implementation.

After his early years in El Salvador and Guatemala, Carlos immigrated to the US at age 21. He received an MPH at UW. He’s visited Cuba twice, most recently with his daughter who is a college student.

Carlos gave us a very nice presentation about health care in Cuba, its accomplishments in providing top quality health care to all of its residents despite years of economic hardship, the nuts and bolts of its community focused system and its mission in training physicians who return to their underserved communities across the globe (including the US). We were fortunate to have a recent graduate of the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana in attendance. The last part of the presentation was on “Lessons for the US.”

Rather than attempting to summarize, we’ve put the slides and audio on YouTube for wide dissemination -

Next Meeting – May 18th, 7:30pm, Swedish Medical Center/Cherry Hill Campus, SECC, Room A - Program to be announced

Download a copy of the PNHPWW April Meeting-Monthly Report - Word.doc - PDF



PNHPWW March 16th Meeting
Discussion on Annual Public Meeting; Quentin Young Remembered

We discussed the 2016 PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting and reviewed selected clips of the talks by John Nichols and Donna Smith as lead points for discussion (length 13 min - available here - and then watched some clips from Quentin Young's life, including his role in the founding of our chapter and short clips from his talks at our 2007 and 2012 APM's (length 15 minutes - available here -

Download a copy of the PNHPWW March Meeting-Monthly Report - Word.doc - PDF

Health Care for All has lost a champion but his Beacon remains Radiant

Quentin Young at Occupy Washington DC, November, 2012

During this disquieting political season when wildly differing views on how to achieve social justice are front page almost every day, we pause to pay tribute to Quentin Young, MD, who passed away on March 7th at the age of 92. He has been the beacon for social justice and racial equality in the US for more than 60 years, especially in health care. Dr. Young was Chief of Staff at Cook County Hospital during the turbulent 50's and 60's. He fought a winning battle for an end of racial segregation in Chicago hospitals and for awarding staff privileges for black physicians. He co-founded the Medical Committee for Human Rights that was formed to fight discrimination in the north and provide medical support to civil rights workers in the South who were putting their heath and very lives on the line. He personally provided medical support in Mississippi, marched in Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and was personal physician to MLK when he was in Chicago (as well as Mayor Harold Washington and author Studs Terkel).

Dr. Young was President of the American Public Health Association in 1998. He co-founded Physicians for a National Health Program, now a national organization of 20,000 physicians, health care workers and supporters that has advocated for single payer, Medicare for All for the past 20 years. He was a Past President of PNHP and served as its National Coordinator from 1992 – 2014.

Quentin was a dedicated, funny, eloquent and uncompromising advocate for the underserved in Chicago and all over the United States. He was eternally optimistic that eventually principle and evidence would prevail over politics leading to a paradigm shift away from our current system, based on private health insurance, to a national system where everyone would receive the same high standard medical care without fear of financial ruin and family disaster.

His welcoming persona, unswerving commitment and personal bravery in the struggle to make the lives of everyone healthy and more fulfilled has inspired the lives and careers of countless medical students, physicians and others who have been lucky enough to meet him or learn about his life. His autobiography - “Everybody In, Nobody Out: Memoirs of a Rebel without a Pause” should be a mandatory read for everyone contemplating a career in health care.

We had the special privilege to spend 10 days with Quentin as part of a 2005 health care delegation to Cuba in that met with health ministry officials and visited the range of health care facilities from the community family clinics to the largest hospitals. We met with medical students from the US attending the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana where 4000 students from all over the world are receiving free medical education to become physicians who will go back to their home communities to provide care to the underserved. Quentin was irrepressible.

During our time together, Quentin asked us why Seattle, that is supposed to be so progressive, didn’t have a chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. This became a priority for us and the PNHP Western Washington chapter was established in 2006. Quentin was our PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting speaker in 2007 and 2012.

We honor Quentin’s memory with words from his book as a beacon for those of us who loved and were inspired by him - patients, students, physicians and untold others who advocate for social justice for all:

“From my adolescent years to the present, I've never wavered in my belief in humanity's ability – and our collective responsibility – to bring about a more just and equitable social order. I've always believed in humanity's potential to create a more caring society. “That viewpoint has infused my relations with family, friends, patients and medical colleagues. It's been a lifelong, driving force to promote equality and the common good, and I believe it has served me well."

Hugh Foy
David McLanahan



PNHPWW 2016 Annual Public Meeting

John Nichols, of The Nation Magazine and Donna Smith, Executive Director of Health Care for All Colorado and ED of Progressive Democrats of America were speakers at our 11th PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting on Saturday, February 20th at the UW Campus, Kane Hall. This meeting was co-sponsored by the Students for a National Health Program - UW Chapter. The theme was “Fixing Health Care: Principles Versus Profits." The presentations and discussions were awesome and inspiring. The video of the meeting was recorded by Mike McCormick of talkingsticktv - see links below. A big shout-out to Mike for volunteering to do this for us for the past several years. See also his interview with Donna Smith on his Mind over Matter, KEXP, 90.3FM program, airing every Saturday morning at 7:30AM.

John Nichols is Senior National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation Magazine. He's a wonderfully engaging speaker who has studied the national political scene many years. He caught us up-to-date on the recent Clinton/Sanders political debate around the economics of single-payer and expressed guarded optomism on the way things are headed for various social justice issues and the "movement of Movements." For example, Bernie Sanders typically wins 80% of under age 40 voters.

Donna Smith returned for her second visit to our APM. She burst on the scene as the heroine in Michael Moore's movie Sicko and has played a leading role in the advocacy for single payer - now as Exec. Director of Health Care for All Colorado and Exec. Director of Progressive Democrats of America. Donna described what's going on in Colorado with the ColoradoCareYes referendum this November, She blew in from the campaign trail in New Hampshire and Iowa and blew out headed for Bernie's Bus in Arizona/New Mexico

The 2016 John Geyman Health Justice Award was presented by John Geyman, MD, to Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, producers of The Health Care Movie.

A lively and informative panel discussion/QA followed the presentations.

You can watch the entire program or parts of it:

The Entire Program program - 1hour :58 minutes -
Sherry Weinberg introduces the evening - 00:00
Jim McDermott's Welcome - 01:58
Ritu Calla on Students for a National Health Program - UW - 6:15
Donna Smith - 09:46 (24 minutes) or
ohn Geyman presents the John Geyman Health Justice Advocate Award to Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg - 35:24
John Nichols - 43:00 (33 minutes) or
Hugh Foy pictches contribution for the cause of shealth care for all - 1:18:42
Panel Discussion; Q&A - 1:27:20
Sherry Sums it up - 1:55:40

Begin-Sherry Weinberg introduces evening - 00:00

Jim McDermott's Welcome - 01:58

Ritu Call on Students for a National Health Program - UW - 6:15

Donna Smith - Donna Smith - 09:46 click John Geyman presents the John Geyman Health Justice Advocate Award
to Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg - 35:24
John Nichols - 43:00 - click
Hugh Foy pictches contribution for the cause of shealth care for all - 1:18:42 Panel Discussion; Q&A - 1:27:20

Donna Smith interview with Mike McCormick, Mind over Matters, KEXP, 90.3FM

Donna Smith interview with Mike McCormick, Mind over Matters, KEXP, 90.3FM - 26 minutes -

Monthly Meeting January 20th

The Black Lives Matter Movement

Renaissance the Poet, aka Michael Moynihan, was our dynamic speaker.

He is a senior at UW double-majoring in history and philosophy. His goal is a law degree. Renaissance is a well-known Spoken Word and Hip Hop artist from Seattle and is engaged in the struggle for Black Liberation and active in the Black Lives Matter movement. Renaissance believes “police brutality, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex, climate change, immigration, racism, institutional discrimination, and patriarchy all intersect into a system of oppression within capitalism that marginalizes and suppresses people of color worldwide. My music, education, and activism are all geared to understand, confront, challenge, and change this unjust and inequitable system of power and oppression.”

Renaissance is a brilliant engaging speaker, relating lots of experiences from his life – from early-on to today. Rather than try to summarize the main points, the best way to appreciate his motivations, experiences and insights are by listening to a tape of his talk and the ensuing discussion (80 minutes). You can hear by clicking on the icon below and download it to listen at your leisure by right-clicking here.

You can see some of his work on the links below

Download the PNHPWW January Meeting-monthly Report - PDF - .doc


Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Betty Capehart presenting a workshop on health care is a human right at the MLK Day workshop. You can download her slideshow here - Powerpoint - Images  

Zoom Care Demonstration

Monthly Meeting November 18th

“Report Back from PNHP Annual Meeting in Chicago”

We didn’t have a speaker for the November meeting as it was a discussion of the PNHP Annual Meeting in Chicago in November, and the concurrent One-Payer States, Healthcare-Now! and Labor Campaign for Single Payer meetings, led by members of PNHPWW, HCFA-WA and United for Single Payer who attended. The November Meeting-Monthly Report report describes the meetings in quite a bit of detail - for your reference. Special thanks to Marcia Stedman and Sherry Weinberg for their excellent notes on the weekend events, meetings and workshops. There is a lot of important information and analysis on where we stand with single payer and how to move ahead in a challenging election year.
To help with our work, Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein updated their famous PNHP slideshow - "Short Set" - 136 slides & "Long Set" - 203 slides. Also we saw the premier of “Fix It,” a new film that makes the business case for single payer featuring many PNHP members. PNHPWW has a copy.
You can watch a short video of the demonstration in front of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois office here.

PNHPWW November Meeting and Monthly Report - PDF - Word.doc

EXCITING NEWS! - John Nichols, of The Nation magazine will be keynote speaker for our 11th PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting on Saturday, February 20th, UW Campus, Kane Hall. We are working on other speakers and weekend events. This meeting will be co-sponsored by the Students for a National Health Program - UW Chapter. Stay tuned.



Jim Page new song - Pretty Simple

In this song Jim Page sings how getting to health care for all and all the social justice we need is really simple - we all have to join together and fight for our human rights. Click here to watch the video

Medicare 50th and Social Security 80th Birthday Celebrations

Saturday, August 8th, Westlake Park, Seattle

PNHPWW's table at the celebration

Click on Image to watch PNHPWW's Dr. Hugh's Foy's remarks

October 21st Monthly Meeting
“The Road towards ensuring Every Resident inWashington State has Access to Health Care”

Teresa Mosqueda, Chair of the Healthy Washington Coalition, member of the board of Washington’s Health Exchange and WA State Labor Council Political and Strategic Campaign Director
PNHPWW Oct 21st Meeting and Monthly Report - PDF - Word.doc

PNHPWW September 16th Monthy Meeting
"Global Health Strategies Benefitting our Local Communities"

Krystal Koop, MSW, Founder, University District Street Medicine
Download the PNHPWW September Meeting-Monthly Report - .doc - pdf

PNHPWW June 17th Monthy Meeting

"Global Health Strategies Benefitting our Local Communities"

Adam Taylor, Executive Director, Global to Local
Download the PNHPWW June Meeting-Monthly Report - .doc - pdf

PNHPWW May 20th Monthy Meeting
“Single Payer Legislation in Oregon"

Mark Kellenback and Charlie Swanson, Health Care for All Oregon
Download the PNHPWW May Meeting-Monthly Report - .doc - pdf

PNHPWW April 22nd Monthy Meeting
"Health Care Inequities: What we can do about it"

Gerald Hankerson, President, NAACP Seattle/King County; President, NAACP State Conference Alaska/Oregon/Washington
Download the PNHPWW April Meeting-Monthly Report - .doc - pdf

Jim Page writes and performs two new song on health care

One Step at a Time

Can't Afford to get Sick
Click on images to watch video performances

New Students for a National Health Program at University of Washington


Students for a National Health Program at the University of Washington (SNaHP-UW) brings the movement for universal healthcare through a national single-payer system to campus. SNaHP-UW seeks to educate and organize undergraduate and graduate students from health science, law, economics, political science, and beyond to add their voices to the growing chorus of healthcare professionals and students calling for healthcare for all.

The chapter's web page describes coming events


Video on Single Payer for Washington State


PNHPWW member Mark Hickling has produced a 12 minute video describing the US health care system and those of other developed nations in a down-to-earth way that we can use in our advocacy with friends and family. This video is great for opening a meeting or houseparty.

You can watch this on YouTube by clicking here or on the photo. If you'd like a DVD copy ($5 for materials and postage), send a request here.

Click to watch new short single payer video for Washington State

In the News

Economic Analysis of New York Health Act

Gerald Friedman, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Economics, U. Massachusetts, at Amherst

Watch Video - Chick here

John Geyman's Latest Book

"Although many had high hopes for ObamaCare, as John Geyman shows us the human faces, we realize that reform fell too short for too many. He shows us not only those human faces but also the pained face of health care justice. He provides us with an understanding of what is wrong with our system, and then describes options for the future. He encourages us all to participate in the reform dialogue so that we can finally get this right. "The Human Face of ObamaCare" is a great place to start." --- Don McCanne, MD

John's most recent previous books How Obamacare is Unsustainable - Why we need a Single-Payer Solution for All Americans documents where the ACA fails and the fix we need. Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power Are Killing Amercians examines how our market-based system benefits the 1% at the grave expense and suffering of the 99%. "Breaking Point - How the Primary Care Crisis Endangers the Lives of Americans" documents the crisis in primary care in the US and what we must do about it.
John's Web Site


For the latest news on health reform legislation - check PNHP articles of interest and opinion - or research a topic by clicking on the Google Custom Search image below:

The PNHPWW Lending Library

We are in the process of building a lending library with members' and supporters' books and DVD's. If you are willing to lend one or more of your books or DVD's, please send the title and author to We will guarantee your book will be replaced, if lost. To review the books - click on the shelf image

If you would like to borrow a book, you will can pick it up at a monthly meeting or pay for postage. Order it through the link on the library pages"


The information You Need to Remain Up-To-Date on Health Care Reform:

Sign up for Don McCanne's Quote of the Day

donFor invaluable daily current health care reform information and analysis read PNHP Senior Staff Policy Analyst Don McCanne's Quote of the Day

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Recent Opinion and Information

"Fixing Obamacare: Move to Single Payer" - Joe Martin - Seattle Times LTE - 4-2-15
“What Happened in Vermont: Implications of the Pullback from Single Payer”
- Steffie Woolhandler, MD, and David Himmelstein, MD, -Jan, 2015
“Lesson On The Struggle For Health Care As A Human Right: What happened in Vermont where a so-called single payer proposal died?”- Margaret Flowers, MD, in Populare Resistance, Jan 2015
Backgrounder on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Healthcare - Margaret Flowers, MD
Stephen Kemble, MD - The Business Case for Single Payer - March, 2014 Powerpoint
Dr. Arnold Relman, Outspoken Medical Editor, dies at 91"
- New York Times obituary
Health Care for All Oregon Speakers Resources -
Powerpoints, Tips, References, Logistics, Friedman & other videos
Why Oncologists Should Support Singe-Payer National Healthy Insurance -
Ray E. Dragon, MD and Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD
10 Things Unions Need to Look Out for When Bargaining Under Obamacare -
Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare
A Perspective on the Relationship between State and National Single Payer Work.doc - Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein- PDF
Obstacles to State Based Reform: Vermont - slideshow - Dr. Marvin Malek
Immigrants and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
People of Color and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
Women and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
Obamacare and the New Deal
- Michael Lind, Comment Don McCanne
What Kind of a Problem is the ACA Rollout for Liberalism
- Michael Konczal
Strategy and Creativity for Grassroots Power (video)
- Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign
A close look at ACA Exchanges
-Paul Criag Roberts
Funding HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - How we can afford a national single-payer plan
- Gerald Friedman, Phd
Peter Bohmer's notes on Social Movements -
Word.doc - PDF
Roadmap to State Single Payer - Public Citizen
ACA vs Single Payer - Accessibility, Affordability, Cost Control -
Real Danger of Obamacare: Insurance Company Takeover of Medicine - Nomi Prins
Some thoughts on What's Ahead - Drs. Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein
It's Time for Single Payer
- Dr. James C. Mitchiner
Will Pay for Performance Backfire?; Insights from Behavioral Economics - Woolhandler and Ariely
Medicare Overpayments to Private Plans, 1985 - 2012
- Hellander. Woolhandler, Himmelstein
The Nuts and Bolts of Medicare Premium Support Proposals
- Kaiser Foundation
Committee Responsibilities
- Health Care for All Oregon
Minnesota Single Payer Economic Study
- The Lewin Group
Funding a National Single-Payer System - Gerald Friedman - Prof Economics, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst
"Occupy" and US Health Care - Dr. Mary Obrien
The Wyden-Ryan Plan: Deja-vu All Over Again
- Uwe Reinhart
Sustaining the Movement for the 99%
- Steering Committee of the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer
A Difficult Pill to Swallow
- Margaret Flowers, MD
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Medicare for All is the Solution - Robert Reich
Stop the Bipartisan Assault on Medicare - Support the People - Claudia Chaufan
What Happened to Social Justice in Health Care Reform? - Arthur Sutherland

PNHP's Slideshows - Updated November, 2015

These slides are the latest sets from the PNHP Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The classic sets have been updated. Pick and chose to design slide shows for various audiences and presentation settings.

Download PowerPoint Slideshow
Margaret Flower's "Single Payer Basics and the Effect of P-PACA"


John Geymajohnn, MD, is Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He has spent 25 years in academic family medicine. He is Past President of Physicians for National Health Program (PNHP) and a PNHPWW Board member. John has now written 10 books that are indespensible for understanding the roots of our health care crisis, its current condition, and what must be done to achieve a just and sustainable replacement.

Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power Are Killing Amercians examines how our market-based system benefits the 1% at the grave expense and suffering of the 99%. As described by Ralph Nader:

"Dr. John Geyman's Health Care Wars is a tour de force—replete with facts that are organized for reader understanding and civic arousal. Citing irrefutable evidence from unrebutted studies, in properly enraging detail about lost lives and plundered family budgets, Dr. Geyman lays down the steps needed to replace corporatized, wasteful, corrupt health sales with full Medicare for all, containing incentives for prevention, cost control and the rise of honest, competent health care as if people matter first.
.... Health Care Wars is a remarkably comprehensive, contextual and action-driven book with some marvelously insightful cartoons which show that in humor there it truth."

Health Care Wars
ISBN 978-0-9837734-8-1
228 Pages / $18.95
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John's most recent previous books Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power Are Killing Amercians examines how our market-based system benefits the 1% at the grave expense and suffering of the 99%. "Breaking Point - How the Primary Care Crisis Endangers the Lives of Americans" documents the crisis in primary care in the US and what we must do about it.
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What You Can Do To Help:

*Join the Campaign to Pass HR 676 and HR 1200
by sending an email to We'll keep you posted with important updates and actions

*Lobby your members of Congress
Tell your representatives that you support HR 676 and HR 1200 and they should too. You can use this email form or - better yet - call their office

*Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor
You can find tips, templates and examples by clicking here

*Speak out about the single-payer solution
Educate yourself about single-payer using the resources & materials -here and here. Bring materials and talk to your church, labor, community or other group about the singlepayer solution.


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