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-Health Care is a Human Right - Washington
Vermont Workers Center
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-Health Care for All -WA
-United for Single Payer
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Health Care is a Human Right - WA
-United for National HealthCare - Bellingham
-Socialist Alternative
-Washington Community Action Network
-Backbone Campaign
-Whole Washington

Dr. Gerald Friedman's economic analysis of how a state single plan would affect our state

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Since 1987 Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals, and others, about the benefits of a single-payer system - including fewer administrative costs and providing comprehensive health insurance for all residents of the United States.









***NOTE - SINCE PNHPWW became PNHP Washington Please follow and save this link as PNHPWA's new web address

PNHP Western Washington Changed its name to PNHP Washington

Our PNHP Western Washington Board decided to change our name to PNHP Washington to reflect the fact that we have lots of PNHP members from around the state, many of whom have tuned in to recent monthly meetings. Also, the new medical school in Spokane will have a SNaHP chapter. With the ability to livestream our meetings, after pandemic restrictions, we can choose to have them in different locations around the state. Everyone can participate.

It may takes some time to make the changes in our links so we'll try to keep all functional for a while

PNHPWW April 23rd Meeting
7:00pm via ZOOM

"Rural Health Care and Medicare for All"

Kevin Walsh, MD

Health care in rural areas has suffered over the past many years as economic interests have concentrated and consolidated health care resources in more lucrative urban areas. Rural hospitals have shut down, patients have to travel long distances to receive care, etc. Medicare for All, with global budgets and everyone covered financially, would go a long way to eliminating these inequities.

Dr. Kevin Walsh graduated from University of Washington School Of Medicine in 1982 and did his Family Medicine residency at Colorado U in Denver. He has worked in the public sector for over 30 years;  at the Indian Health Service Clinic in Chinle, AZ,  the Farm Workers Clinic in Toppenish, WA, Eastside CHC in Bellevue and most recently in the Community Health Clinic of Central Washington in Ellensburg.  He is a strong voice for the care of the underserved.

In preparation for the meeting, you can look at PNHP's Kitchen TableCampaign on Rural Health resources here

Register for the Zoom meeting here

BG NEWS!!! - Pramila Jayapal and Debby Dingell just introduced HR 1976, the improved Medicare for All Act of 2021 - watch the introduction event here
You can add your name as a M4A supporter here
Susan Rogers - Introducing the New and Improved Medicare for All

Past Events
Feb 2nd - Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action - Webinar on how Medicare Advantage sabotages traditional Medicare - watch it here
March 17th - PNHPWW Monthly Meeting - "Extending PNHPWA's Network Statewide" with Kaytlin Gilbert, PNHP National Organizer - watch it here

Future Events
April 14th, 7:00pm - "Great American Health Care Scam" - Sponsored by HCFA-WA - Register
April 19-23 - PNHP National Leadership Training - Free! Register Here 
     Keynote Address Live - April 23rd, 5:30pm Pacific Time
- keynote presentation by Dr. Linda Rae Murray - more details soon

May 19th, 7:00pm - PNHPWA Monthly Meeting via Zoom, 7PM - Topic TBD


***NOTE - SINCE PNHPWW became PNHP Washington Please follow and save this link as PNHPWA's new web address

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