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December 19th - PNHPWW Monthly Meeting
7:30pm. Swedish/Cherry Hill Campus
South East Conference Center, Rm C

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2015 Legislation - HB1321 - 31 sponsors; SB5305 - 17 sponsors
"Intent to cover all Washington residents"


Whole Washington

New Whole Washington flyer of Dr. Friedman's economic analysis of what a state single plan would affect our state

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It's Time to Add Your Voice

Since 1987, Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals, and others, about the benefits of a single-payer system - including fewer administrative costs and providing comprehensive health insurance for all residents of the United States.

PNHPWW December 19th Monthly Meeting

Swedish Medical Center/Cherry Hill Campus
7:30pm - James South East Conference Center, Room C

“The Nuclear Arms Race versus Our Health ”

Lilly Adams
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Coordinator, Nuclear Arms Abolition Campaign
Organizer, Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition


A PNHPWW guiding principle is that we need a grassroots “movement of movements” to get to where we need to be in health care as well as all the other social justice issues. This involves supporting, coordinating and working with other progressive change organizations such as WPSR.

We are delighted to have Lilly Adams of WPSR as our speaker. She is building a statewide coalition to raise the awareness of the damage the nuclear arms race is doing to many issues of social justice, including the social determinates of health and access to care. She graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in Society and Environment and is passionate in promoting environmental and social justice through community organizing. Before joining the staff at WPSR, she worked as a community organizer with the California Public Interest Research Group, Food & Water Watch, Students Against Fracking, and Corporate Accountability International. She trained with Green Corps, the Field School for Environmental Organizing.

The meeting will be streamed online via the ZOOM platform - Join via computer - or by telephone - 1 929-436-2866
Meeting ID: 636 744 812

PNHPWW November 20th Meeting
Report from the PNHP Annual Meeting in San Diego

Meeting Attendees Reporting

Seven PNHPWW and SNaHP-UW members attended the 2018 PNHP Annual Meeting in San Diego, Nov 8-11. The theme of the weekend was "Tearing Down the Barriers to Care." 

Materials from the meeting including slideshows, handouts, and some video is available at -

On Friday there was an educational session for folks new to single payer advocacy followed by a march/demonstration in support of immigrants in front of the San Diego ICE headquarters. Also, there was a meeting for people working on state-based universal health care legislation - summary here.

For this PNHPWW meeting, attendees reported on the state organizing meeting, the plenary sessions and some workshops. A video of this meeting is available on YouTube -

Some Important Recent Articles

Medicare for All legislation in the House - HR 676 ("updated" version to be introduced in the 2019 Congress), Senate - S 1804, and "Faux Single Payer legislation." and what would be essential for a state single payer plan::

1. HR 676 vs. S1804 - Analysis and Recommendations
2. Table of side-by-side Comparison of Medicare for All Public Plan Proposals
3. Aligning House And Senate Single-Payer Bills - Removing Medicare's Profiteering Incentives Is Key
4. Essential Elements of State Single Payer


PNHPWW October 17th Meeting






John Geyman, MD, joined us via the internet from his home in Friday Harbor to describe his just-released book "TrumpCare: Lies, Broken Promises, How It Is Failing, and What Should be Done." It's four goals are: 1) to describe TrumpCare; 2) show how it is failing patients, families, taxpayers, and the nation: 3) describe the growing crisis is health care in this country; and 4) to compare the only two real alternatives before us - continuance of TrumpCare or moving to single-payer Medicare for All. Also, John compared HR 676 and S 1804 and gave us his thoughts about their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Geyman is Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He has spent 25 years in academic medicine as Chairman of the UW Department of Family Medicine and was founding editor of The Journal of Family Medicine. He is Past President of PNHP and a PNHPWW Board Member. He has now written more than 12 books that are indispensable for understanding the roots of our health care crisis, its current condition, and what must be done to achieve a just and sustainable replacement.

The meeting can be viewed on our YouTube channel at -
(There were venue hookup problems with the first four minutes of the audio - good thereafter)

Copies of "TrumpCare" are available at cost for $15 plus shipping, while supplies last, at

Dr. Geyman's recent books:

Common Sense: US Health Care at a Crossroads in the 2018 Congress (pamphlet_

Crisis in US Health Care: Corporate Power vs. Tho Common Good
looks at how, over the last 60 years, our health care system got to be where it is now - how it changed from a system devoted to patient care to one devoted to maximizing revenues.

The Human Face of Obamacare
- Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next shows the human face of the ACA as the stories of real patients and their families best illustrate continuing problems of our health care system. It also shows how many of the promises made by the Obama administration have not been kept. 

How Obamacare is Unsustainable - Why we need a Single-Payer Solution for All Americans
documents where the ACA fails and the fix we need.

Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power Are Killing Amercians
examines how our market-based system benefits the 1% at the grave expense and suffering of the 99%.

"Breaking Point - How the Primary Care Crisis Endangers the Lives of Americans"
documents the crisis in primary care in the US and what we must do about it.

John's Web Site

PNHPWW September 19th Meeting

"Updating HR 676 and S 1804
Keeping Single Payer in Medicare for All "

Kip Sullivan, JD

Kip Sullivan, JD, is a health policy expert recognized nationally for his expertise and substantial contributions to the health policy literature. He earned a law degree at the Harvard School of Law.  

Kip joined us by the internet from his home in Minnesota. He gave a clear presentation of problems with pay-for-performance/value payment mechanisms for providers, ACO’s, and his concern about potential "updating" changes that might be made to HR.676 when it is reintroduced in the 2019 House of Representatives, possibly incorporating some features of Bernie Sanders' S.1804 as described in its Section 611b. You can see Kip's slides and watch the meeting video by clicking the links below (a few technical video glitches, but the audio is clear).

Video of PNHPWW September 19th Monthly Meeting -

Kip's slideshow - download "Analysis of 'payment reform activities' authorized by S.1804"
Kip's paper - A critique of Section 611(b) in Bernie Sanders’ “single payer” bill 

NBC News - interview with Rep. Pramila Jayapal on the new House Medicare for All Caucus and PAC, and her thoughts on updating HR.676 and S.1804

PNHPWW August 15th Monthly Meeting

"Community House Calls/Interpreter Services Harborview Medical Center"

For our August 15th meeting were privileged to have four members of the the Community House Calls/Interpreter Services program at Harborview Medical Center tells us about this very valuable program and lead the discussion. Lea Ann Miyagawa - MN. RN, Nurse Manager, and three Cultural Mediator team members - Salma Musa (Somalian), Kim Lundgreen (Vietnamese) and Jose Mayorga (Spanish) presented brief cases illustrating how they facilitate underserved patients to interact with and overcome barriers to health care.  

You can watch this very informative and moving video on YouTube -

PNHPWW June 20th Monthly Meeting

"The State-Based Universal Health Care Act"

Rachel described HR 6097 and led the discussion. David Loud, Jim McDermott's staff who worked on  similar bill & helped with HR 6097 also lent his expertise to the discussion. After Representative Pramila Jayapal was elected, she selected Rachel to be her CD7 District Director.

HR 6097 facilitates states to combine several federal health care funding streams if the state offers a comprehensive universal health care plan that guarantees all residents of their state are covered. The benefits provided by states have to be equal or greater than what beneficiaries receive now. 

This bill is opposed by some single payer advocates supporting National Improved Medicare for All (HR 676) but not state universal plans for reasons discussed during the meeting. You can watch the meeting on the PNHPWW YouTube channel 

Links here to full text of the billanda letter to Rep. Jayapal's colleagues, section-by-section summary and FAQ's

PNHPWW May 24th Meeting

"Moving Toward Single Payer"
Community Town Hall

The regular PNHPWW May Monthly Meeting was held in conjunction with a Town Hall programmed and sponsored by the Students for a National Health Program - UW Chapter (SNaHP-UW) and co-sponsored by PNHPWW and Health Care for All - WA.

1) Aaron Katz, MPH, School of Public Health; 2) David McLanahan, MD, Co-founder and Coordinator of PNHPWW; 3) Anirban Basu, PhD, UW Professor of Health Economics;  4)  Bevin McLeod, the Healthcare for All-WA Program Director; 5) Christopher Wong, MD UW Medical Center or Harborview

You can watch the forum here on YouTube


PNHPWW April 18th Meeting

"Homelessness and Healthcare"

Jacqueline Martin and George Sidwell
Vendors, Real Change Newspaper

We were privileged to hear from Jacqueline Martin and George Sidwell, formerly homeless Real Changevendors. They described their experiences about the real issues and obstacles facing people who are homeless, how difficult it is, even for very sympathetic people who want to help, to understand their day-to-day-day struggles - including maintaining health and getting care from consistent and caring providers.

Watch this informative and moving meeting on YouTube -

April 24th Special Meeting

State and National Strategies
for Health Care for All

Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese
Erin Georgen

We had a great meeting on state and national health care for all strategies sponsored by PNHPWW, United for Single Payer, and Whole Washington. We brought in Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for the national perspective and Erin Georgen of Whole Washington for the state legislation perspective.

Though the YouTube video ( ) is 100 minutes, it is very useful and worth watching in its entirety as we move ahead inn 2018.

This was our first use of the Zoom platform that worked vey well for the first time out. We will use it for our regular monthly meetings so that others,  local across the state, not able to be at the meeting can participate.

PNHPWW March 21st Meeting

"The I-1600 Initiative Campaign"

Georgia Davenport
Interim Campaign Director, Whole Washington

Georgia Davenport of the Whole Washington organization talked about their campaign to pass a ballot initiative Initiative I-1600 that would create the Whole Washington Health Care Trust that would run a new universal health care program, housed within the state Department of Health.

Laura Fielding of Red Berets for Medicare talked about plans for an event in Wright Park in Tacoma on May 6th, National Nurses Day,including a March for Medicare. They are looking for nationally prominent speakers. They have the park from 10am - 6pm. Opportunity for PNHPWW to have a speaker and table.

Watch the meeting on YouTube -

Senate and House Testimony on State "Single Payer" bills

Jan 16th - PNHPWW President Sherry Weinberg testifies for Senate Hearing on SB5701 - The Apple Care Trust
To watch hearing click here (Starts at 40:30, ends at 1:15:37)

Jan 18th - WA Senate Health Care Committee Hearings on Single Payer bills - SB5957 and SB5747
, similar to the House Bill "The Washington Health Security Trust"
To watch SB 5957 hearing click here (Starts at 47:39, ends at 1:10:00)
To watch SB 5747 hearing click here (Starts at 0:20, ends at 06:26; restarts at 1:00:10, ends at 1:10:00)

Feb 27th - PNHPWW Coordinator David McLanahan testifies for House Health and Wellness Committee Hearings on Single Payer bill -
HB 1026 - "The Washington Health Security Trust" - To watch HB 1026 hearing click here (Starts at 00:00, ends at 20:20). Also testimony by Bevin McLeod, Program Director, HCHA-WA (8:18 - 19:20) and Kathryn Landowsky of Whole Washington (19:20 - 20:20)

PNHPWW February 21st Meeting

"Organizing to Win"

Speaker & discussion leader - Jonathan Knapp, Past President of the Seattle Education Association
gave a great presentation on developing leadership in progressive organizations.
A video of the meeting is available here.
Jonathan's Powerpoint slides are available here.

PNHPWW January 17th Meeting

"Big Pharma: Market Failure"

Discussion Leader - Ronnie Shure
BS Pharmacy, Board Member of HCFA-WA and PSARA

This documentary film explores the problem of extreme drug prices in the US and how drug costsimpacts on the public, on businesses and the overall US economy. It makes an effective business case for realizable change, digging deeply to answer key questions. You can watch the film by clicking here -

"Big Pharma" was produced by Richard Master, the producer of "Fix It: Health Care at the Tipping Point."

We were fortunate to have pharmacist Ronnie Shure with us to comment on the film and lead the discussion.

PNHPWW December 20 Meeting

"Dare to Dream"
US Medical Students Training in Cuba

Sponsored by PNHPWW & Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee

"Dare to Dream" is a 30 minute film that tells the story of  the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Havana, Cuba, the largest medical school in the world.

Discussion Leader - Xochitl Garcia, MD
Graduate Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM)


Considering the continuing bad news at the about the current state and future threats to our health care system, it was very nice to hear some good news about an influx of dedicated, socially conscious physicians who work for health care for all.

PNHPWW November 15 Meeting

Report on PNHP Annual Meeting in Atlanta

At this meeting PNHPWW and SNaHP-UW members who attended discussed their impressions of the weekend and gave reports on the high points of the workshops they attended.

There were 12 workshops, some ad hoc sessions, and lunch and dinner speakers as listed below. It was not really possible to review all of these during our PNHPWW meeting, but most of these had slideshows or handouts that are worth reviewing closely. You can download for off-line access here.

PNHPWW November Meeting - Monthly Report - PDF Word.doc

PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting Weekend

The PNHPWW APM weekend events got high marks from the attendees. If you were unable to be there for the Saturday evening meeting at Kane Hall, you will appreciate the energy and enthusiasm generated by watching video of speakers George Lakey and Carol Paris, MD, PNHP President, and the panel discussion that included John Geyman, MD.  You can watch the event from start to finish including the greeting by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and the awarding of the John Geyman Health Justice Advocate Award to Don Mitchell, MD, Past-President of PNHPWW.

There is also a video of the Saturday morning radio interview of George Lakey by Mike McCormick of KEXP's "Mind Over Matters" that highlights George's remarkable history leading to lifelong commitment to nonviolent resistance as a proven, winning strategy for achieving social justice.

The takeaways from the weekend were the importance of building a "movement of movements" and having a strategy for going on the offense at this remarkable point in our nation's history.

The single payer activism workshop led by George and Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign attracted 30 participants. The spirit and energy in the room were palpable. Fortunately, video of the workshop will be available after editing is complete.

Special thanks to Mike McCormick of KEXP radio and his for creating the media that will be available to others in our state and across the country.



Other News:

Still working to make our PNHPWW social media more useful. Please submit/share important info, articles, events to/on our Facebook site -

PNHPWW YouTube channel - -

National single payer coalitions:

1) HOPE - Health Over Profit for Everyone; Facebook -; Twitter -
Launched Feb 1st. focused on organizing for national SP legislation HR676. Initiated by Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese and others. Website with valuable information about advocacy and events. Holds regular national conference calls at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific. These calls are open to everyone, but you must register to receive a number.

These calls will provide political updates, educate about National Improved Medicare for All, discuss strategy and plan actions to change the political culture in the United States so that NIMA is the only politically viable solution.

2) Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare - launched on 1-26-17 by Healthcare-Now! – “a fight back coalition that will carry out a nationally-coordinated, large-scale and militant campaign to fight for single-payer healthcare”.

Whole Washington
 is new single-payer organization in WA. It is “a grassroots coalition of healthcare profeDescription: escription: Macintosh HD:Users:davidmclanahan:Desktop:15740792_348620255523521_4391742141953985974_n.pngssionals, activists and organizers with a common belief that healthcare is a human right, and Washington should be doing more to provide the best level of care to all residents.” It is working on a ballot initiative to bring single-payer healthcare to Washington State. For info -
Facebook -

There are 15 Annual PNHP Meeting slideshows of the plenary presentations and workshops that you can review and use the information for local activities, presentations, LTE’s etc. You can see the list of slideshow topics with links to them by clicking here.

Suggested Reading : Health Reform in the Trump Era: A Big Step Back, But Possibilities for Bigger Steps Forward – Woolhandler and Himmelstein , Nov 16, 2016.

"Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point"

This powerful documentary that takes a look at how our health care system is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians, and negatively impacting on the nation's health while remaining unaffordable for a third of US residents.

Film producer Richard Master, founder and owner of MCS industries, produced the film. He faces relentless annual cost increases to provide health insurance for his employees. "Fix It" is a result of his journey to find a solution to the dysfunctional US healthcare system.

You can watch the full movie for free here

Recent Literature of Note

10-Point Plan to Stop Trump and Make Gains in Justice and Equality
(word - PDF) - George Lakey

Rand Study - "A Comprehensive Assessment of Four Options for Financing Health Care Delivery in Oregon" - PDF

Washington Post article by PNHP’s Himmelstein and Woolhandler -  “Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually - The impact of Republicans' war on Obamacare is likely to be worse than anyone expects”

The Public Option is Back - 
Don McCanne's Comments - Sept 16, 2016

Structural Racism and Supporting Black Lives — The Role of Health Professionals 
-  NEJM, October 12, 2016

Affordable Care Act: imploding and beyond repair - John Geyman. MD - The Hill, Oct 21, 2016

Physicians Proposal Released

The updated Physicans Proposal was released May 5th via the American Journal of Public Health. Several PNHP leaders were involved in the writing. More than 2,200 physicians have endorsed it so far, including 111 in Washington State. You can download the PNHP press release here The full text is available here and PNHP has released a Summary and Fact Sheet.

Statement by Steffie Woolhandler, M.D., M.P.H., on Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care, May 5, 2016

Long before Senator Sanders’ entered the presidential race, my colleagues and I – Dr. Gaffney, Dr. David Himmelstein, and Dr. Marcia Angell (the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine) – convened a blue ribbon panel of doctors to develop a plan that would fix the glaring problems that our patients continue to face despite the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Twenty-seven million Americans are still uninsured and that number is not expected to fall. Tens of millions with insurance face sky-high copayments and deductibles that would bankrupt them if they were seriously ill. And many more have narrow network plans that won’t cover care at top cancer hospitals or academic medical centers – even when they offer the best option for life saving care.

Meanwhile, profit-driven insurers and hospital chains increasingly dominate health care. And insurers’ growing demands for documentation wastes doctors and nurses time, and saps their morale. While these trends predated the ACA, the law fueled merger- mania, and added bureaucratic complexity and cost.

The alternative we developed (which has been endorsed by more than 2,200 physician colleagues) calls for radical change; a single-payer national health program.

Our plan would cover everyone for all medically necessary care, without copayments or deductibles. And it would guarantee Americans the right to choose any doctor or hospital.

Our nation can readily afford this if we replace today’s wasteful patchwork of insurance plans with a streamlined single-payer system. My colleagues and I have documented the enormous bureaucratic costs of the current system in research published in the most respected medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the JAMA, The American Journal of Public Health and Health Affairs.

Today, private insurers take 12.3 percent of total premiums for their overhead; only 88 cents of every premium dollar reaches a doctor, hospital or pharmacy. And insurers inflict massive paperwork on doctors and hospitals, forcing them to spend one- quarter of their total revenues on billing and administration.

In contrast, insurance overhead is only 1.8 percent in Canada’s single-payer system, about the same as overhead in Medicare. And Canadian hospitals have administrative costs less than half those of their U.S. counterparts. That’s because Canadian hospitals are paid annual global budgets, like fire departments, instead of billing separately for each Band-Aid and aspirin tablet. And billing is simple and inexpensive for Canadian physicians.

Overall, a single payer would save between $400 billion and $500 billion annually by trimming administrative spending to Canadian levels. Moreover, as in other nations, the single payer could use its purchasing power to lower drug prices, saving tens of billions more each year. These savings could fully cover the new costs of the coverage expansions we propose, a conclusion in keeping with past estimates by the Government Accountability Office, the Congressional Budget Office, and private consulting groups (including one owned by UnitedHealthcare).

We have the resources needed to provide excellent care for all Americans; an abundance of hospitals and sophisticated equipment; superbly trained doctors and nurses; prodigious research output; and generous health care funding. Yet only thoroughgoing reform can realize the healing potential that is currently thwarted by our dysfunctional health care financing system.

Dr. Woolhandler is an internist in the Bronx, a professor of public health at the City University of New York at Hunter College, and a lecturer in medicine at Harvard Medical School, where she previously served as a professor of medicine. She co-founded Physicians for a National Health Program, a nonpartisan organization that advocates single-payer reform.

New Students for a National Health Program at University of Washington


Students for a National Health Program at the University of Washington (SNaHP-UW) brings the movement for universal healthcare through a national single-payer system to campus. SNaHP-UW seeks to educate and organize undergraduate and graduate students from health science, law, economics, political science, and beyond to add their voices to the growing chorus of healthcare professionals and students calling for healthcare for all.

The chapter's web page describes coming events


Video on Single Payer for Washington State

PNHPWW member Mark Hickling has produced a 12 minute video describing the US health care system and those of other developed nations in a down-to-earth way that we can use in our advocacy with friends and family. This video is great for opening a meeting or houseparty.

You can watch this on YouTube by clicking here or on the photo. If you'd like a DVD copy ($5 for materials and postage), send a request here.

Click to watch new short single payer video for Washington State

For the latest news on health reform legislation - check PNHP articles of interest and opinion - or research a topic by clicking on the Google Custom Search image below:



The information You Need to Remain Up-To-Date on Health Care Reform:

Sign up for Don McCanne's Quote of the Day

donFor invaluable daily current health care reform information and analysis read PNHP Senior Staff Policy Analyst Don McCanne's Quote of the Day

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Opinion and Information

"Fixing Obamacare: Move to Single Payer" - Joe Martin - Seattle Times LTE - 4-2-15
“What Happened in Vermont: Implications of the Pullback from Single Payer”
- Steffie Woolhandler, MD, and David Himmelstein, MD, -Jan, 2015
“Lesson On The Struggle For Health Care As A Human Right: What happened in Vermont where a so-called single payer proposal died?”- Margaret Flowers, MD, in Populare Resistance, Jan 2015
Backgrounder on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Healthcare - Margaret Flowers, MD
Stephen Kemble, MD - The Business Case for Single Payer - March, 2014 Powerpoint
Dr. Arnold Relman, Outspoken Medical Editor, dies at 91"
- New York Times obituary
Health Care for All Oregon Speakers Resources -
Powerpoints, Tips, References, Logistics, Friedman & other videos
Why Oncologists Should Support Singe-Payer National Healthy Insurance -
Ray E. Dragon, MD and Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD
10 Things Unions Need to Look Out for When Bargaining Under Obamacare -
Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare
A Perspective on the Relationship between State and National Single Payer Work.doc - Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein- PDF
Obstacles to State Based Reform: Vermont - slideshow - Dr. Marvin Malek
Immigrants and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
People of Color and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
Women and the Human Right to Health Care
- National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
Obamacare and the New Deal
- Michael Lind, Comment Don McCanne
What Kind of a Problem is the ACA Rollout for Liberalism
- Michael Konczal
Strategy and Creativity for Grassroots Power (video)
- Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign
A close look at ACA Exchanges
-Paul Criag Roberts
Funding HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - How we can afford a national single-payer plan
- Gerald Friedman, Phd
Peter Bohmer's notes on Social Movements - Word.doc - PDF
Roadmap to State Single Payer - Public Citizen
ACA vs Single Payer - Accessibility, Affordability, Cost Control -
Real Danger of Obamacare: Insurance Company Takeover of Medicine - Nomi Prins
Some thoughts on What's Ahead - Drs. Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein
It's Time for Single Payer
- Dr. James C. Mitchiner
Will Pay for Performance Backfire?; Insights from Behavioral Economics - Woolhandler and Ariely
Medicare Overpayments to Private Plans, 1985 - 2012
- Hellander. Woolhandler, Himmelstein
The Nuts and Bolts of Medicare Premium Support Proposals
- Kaiser Foundation
Committee Responsibilities
- Health Care for All Oregon
Minnesota Single Payer Economic Study
- The Lewin Group
Funding a National Single-Payer System - Gerald Friedman - Prof Economics, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst
"Occupy" and US Health Care - Dr. Mary Obrien
The Wyden-Ryan Plan: Deja-vu All Over Again
- Uwe Reinhart
Sustaining the Movement for the 99%
- Steering Committee of the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer
A Difficult Pill to Swallow
- Margaret Flowers, MD
Privatize Medicare? No Thanks! - Dr. James Mitchner
Why won't Corporate America Support Single Payer Medicare for All - Mark Dudzic
Ryan turns Knife on Medicare, Medicaid - Dr. Margaret Flowers
Pay Much Attention to the Insurers Behind the Curtain - Wendell Potter
Medicare for All is the Solution - Robert Reich
Stop the Bipartisan Assault on Medicare - Support the People - Claudia Chaufan
What Happened to Social Justice in Health Care Reform? - Arthur Sutherland



What You Can Do To Help:

*Join the Campaign to Pass HR 676 and HR 1200
by sending an email to We'll keep you posted with important updates and actions

*Lobby your members of Congress
Tell your representatives that you support HR 676 and HR 1200 and they should too. You can use this email form or - better yet - call their office

*Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor
You can find tips, templates and examples by clicking here

*Speak out about the single-payer solution
Educate yourself about single-payer using the resources & materials -here and here. Bring materials and talk to your church, labor, community or other group about the singlepayer solution.


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